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March 2016


The City of Liverpool Gymnastics Club was the host for the 2016 Miss Quatro Angel of the North competition attracting over 350 gymnasts. Boston Gymnastics academy took a total of 14 girls over the whole weekend with 11 competing on Saturday and 3 on Sunday and managed to bring home a Miss Quatro Champion!

On Saturday in the Club Grade 6 group - Kia Bending-Overton came 4th in the 10-11yrs age group, Millicent Walker finished 5th in the 9 years age group and Francheska Heppenstall came 31st also in the 9yrs age group.

Regional Grade 3 saw 3 of our girls entered in the 11+ yrs age group with Katie-Marie Parker coming 8th, Colby Riley 9th and Trinity Scott finishing 16th.

Also on Saturday in the Club Grade 5 group age 9yrs, Tallulah Hughes finished 12th, Amelia South managed 19th and Ruby Gillings came 29th. Eden Gardner finished a respectable 12th in the 10 yrs age group.

To finish off Saturday in the Regional Grade 4 - Lyle Burrell-Kenny finished 36th in the 10-11yrs age group.

Sunday was started with a fantastic result for Benodet Houston-Campbell who was crowned the Regional Grade 1 Miss Quatro Champion after finishing 1st in her age group.

To finish the weekend  in the National Grade 4 age 10+yrs - Ruby-Mae Hardstaff came 15th and Kenzie Burrell finished 25th.

As well as some great results most of the girls were awarded Individual Apparatus awards for high standards on a piece in either Gold, Silver or Bronze.  Overall, some amazing results after a long journey for both gymnasts and coaches.


Our talented girls continue from the fantastic results from Feb!

New College Leicester was the venue for the East Midlands Gymnastics Association, National, Regional and compulsory Grades.  Boston Gymnastics took 8 girls competing at various grades throughout the day.

In the Regional Grade 3 Out of age, Katie-Marie Parker finished 5th scoring 58.3, Trinity Scott came 7th scoring 57.6 and Colby Riley finished 12th scoring 55.5.

National Grade 4 Out of age, Ruby-Mae Hardstaff finished a fantastic 1st place scoring overall 61.27 and an amazing score of 13.87 out of 14.0 on the Bars! Kenzie Burrell finished 6th with an overall score of 59.9.

In the Regional Grade 4 In Age , Lyle Burrell-Kenny came 7th with an overall score of 58.5 her best piece being Vault where she scored 12.95.

Finishing the day was Regional Grade 1 Out of Age where Tegan Rogers placed 3rd scoring 57.6 and Benodet Houston-Campbell came 9th scoring 54.5.

All of the girls passed their grades and will be receiving certificates. And as a result of Ruby-Mae finishing 1st in the National Grade 4 she has qualified as the Reserve for the East Midlands Team in the National finals later in the year.

Another fantastic result for the club.